Welcome to My Wicked Website!

Here you can learn about me and my book projects, or read my blog, which covers a variety of topics from politics and history to technology and religion.

I have chosen the moniker The Wicked Annalist because I wanted to convey the idea that I consider very few–if any–topics of conversation off limits.

An annalist is a historian who focuses on non-traditional research methods. Most historians rely on eye witness accounts, memoirs, and the written reporting at a particular moment in time. The annalist looks for alternative, possibly less biased, sources of information with which they can triangulate historical information. An example of this might be the use of police records during the French Revolution to tell us about the social makeup of the individuals being arrested and why they were being arrested. This might help us to understand whether the French Revolution was truly a bottom up revolution or just a conflict between certain segments of the elites.

I hope you will enjoy my blog posts and contribute many comments to keep the dialogue going.

Best regards.

Jeff Irvin
The Wicked Annalist

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